Welcome to the FlexSmart hub, a platform that provides the ability for smart contracts to be written and deployed without the need for code or any technical knowledge.


FlexSmart aims to be the main hub for smart contract creation, interaction, and implementation with no code making DeFi and smart contracts accessible to everyone, everywhere.

How are we planning to accomplish this?

FlexSmart plans to accomplish this mission by providing the following services to our customers and community:

1. Creating a smart contract from scratch without code

Without writing a single line of code and lacking technical knowledge, users will be able to create smart contracts in a traditional way from scratch. The contract creator will be able to set contract types, roles, choice descriptions, parameters, and terms and conditions in their natural language. Once created, these smart contracts can be deployed to a selected blockchain and are capable of web interaction.

2. Choosing a smart contract template

The FlexSmart hub hosts a library of smart contract templates categorized by industry, such as DeFi and supply chain to name a few. Once a template is selected, the user will be able to customize fields and interact with the running smart contract on the web.

4. Web Api

Web API Users can integrate their existing applications with our API and interact with their smart contract and blockchain without the need of hiring a blockchain expert.

4. Consulting/hiring a smart contract expert

For more complex smart contract implementation, a smart contract expert will be available at a cost.

Why did we build FlexSmart?

FlexSmart is built by Flexsible.com, a custom software development agency with a focus on emerging technologies such as blockchain. ​​Our team has been working with blockchain since its inception creating a strong desire to play a part in its mainstream and widespread adoption.
FlexSmart recognizes that smart contracts are the solutions to many of the problems associated with traditional contracts. Smart contracts have the ability to automate contracts in turn increasing efficiency, decreasing costs, and eliminating authorities and third parties all without sacrificing security and trust, but replacing them with the truth. In doing so, FlexSmart provides a decentralized hub for all smart contracts.

1. Complexity

Smart contracts are only able to be written in a scripting language and are not able to be produced by non-programmers. Additionally, interactions with smart contracts are complicated and often need a special program to execute them. Therefore, in order to translate a traditional contract into a smart contract coding skills would be required or a development team would need to be hired.
FlexSmart eliminates the need for development by allowing anyone to create a smart contract without code.

2. Accessibility

Currently, access to smart contracts created by the general public is unobtainable. There is a gap between the need for smart contracts and their accessibility. FlexSmart bridges this gap between the apparent need for smart contracts and their accessibility by expanding the use and adoption of smart contracts and blockchain across an array of industries.

Key Benefits

1. No Code for Smart Contract Creation and Implementation

FlexSmart provides a hub for non-programmers and non-technical domain experts to create web interactive smart contracts and agreements on the blockchain without the need of writing code or connecting to an API.

2. Smart Contract Templates

FlexSmart’s smart contract template library hosts easy-to-use and quick-to-implement smart contract templates where users can specify terms and roles and edit selected fields. Accessible by anyone.

3. Smart Contract Interaction

Once the smart contract is created others will be able to access and interact with it in the same manner as a traditional contract.

4. Plugins

You will able to interact with your smart contract and connect them with third party application such as Zapier, Shopify, etc..

5. Addresses Flaws of Traditional Contracts

FlexSmart’s smart contract creation platform automates the traditional contract process and reduces security risks associated with it by increasing speed and efficiency, reducing complexity and cost, and removing authorities and third parties. Additionally, all FlexSmart contracts are audited.

Follow our step-by-step User Guides to get started.

Last modified 6mo ago